Monday, June 4, 2007

Go back to (insert country of origin here)!

What I think is getting scary about how immigration discourse is America is that, even when people have a disagreement that has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, it is brought into the mix anyway.

I read an article that presents an example: Immigration Debate Stirs Animosity

The causes of the incident are not clear, but two teenagers threw rocks at the vehicle of 2 Mexican men. They men had been in the park, and according to the teens, they had said something offensive to a teenaged girl (which, if it's true - thanks, guys). As they drove away, the teens threw rocks and taunted them by saying "Go back to Mexico".

A friendly neighborhood resident commented, "The whole country is getting tired of these Mexicans".

It is true that the confrontation has nothing to do with race - but it devolved into ugly chants based on the victims' nationalities anyway. And that's what I find unsettling, that it seems like more and more people are totally okay with hurling ethnic insults at people whenever a touchy situation arises, even if the initial confrontation is not racially-motivated.


Anonymous said...

Now days if people don't look "white", they must all be mexicans. Instead, if and that's a big IF, the "mexicans", mind you they could've been, guatemalans, peruvians, bolivians..., said something to the girl, they could've said something like, "hey, that's my girl your flirting with". What was the point in saying go back home to Mexico. What IF they were U.S.Citizens? It's pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I wrote the last comment...

Jen said...

Actually, according to the story, they are here legally.