Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A funny story

One of my coworkers was calling a health insurance company in order to let them know that one of their subscribers was admitted urgently to the hospital. Her cubicle is on the other side of mine, so I can hear her every conversation. Mainly because she talks very...very...loudly.

When she was asked for the diagnosis, she says this:

"Abcess of the buttlock."

I immediately stopped what I was doing. I had to hear this.

"Abcess of the buttlock", she repeats. Silence, then once again she repeats this impossible-sounding diagnosis. "That's what it says right here on my computer."

It's clear to me that there must have been a typo, and it's really an abcess of the buttock. She has been working in the medical field for about 25 years; how this hasn't occured to her, I'm not sure. Finally, the person on the other end tells her the same thing, that it must be buttock. Why it has taken 3 repeats of "buttlock' for this to dawn on the other person is a mystery as well. "Oh, yes, that sounds much better. It's that."

What killed me the most is that before it dawned on these two that it must be buttock, the insurance rep asked my coworker for a diagnosis code, which is a universally-recognized number that the healthcare industry uses in order to specifically identify illnesses. "I can't find a code for it", my coworker says. No, there is no code for buttlock. I am pretty sure of that.

I think that if anyone is ever interested in producing a porno geared for senior citizens, it should be named Buttlock and star Andy Griffith.

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zooaskew said...

oh meh gaw. HILARIOUS. :D