Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Honey, I'm home!

In two weeks, I'm heading to PR for a much needed week of family and relaxation time. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure that American Airlines has delivered me to San Juan, but there are certain telltale signs that I can look for after my arrival (and sometimes even before) to know that, indeed, I made it to my intended destination.

If at least one of my fellow passengers is a woman sporting a dubi-dubi, I know I'm probably headed to PR.

If on my way to baggage claim at the Luis Muñoz Marín airport I see more people holding signs bearing the logo of a resort than actual passengers, I know I'm in PR.

If I exit the terminal and walk right into humidity so thick that it bounces me back a couple of feet, I know I'm in PR.

If I get in my mom's car and head straight into a traffic jam, I know I'm in PR.

If during the drive away from the airport I let out a sigh of contented relief, I know I'm in PR.

If I immediately develop a craving for fried fish and arepas from Los Pescadores, I know I'm in PR.

If I find myself actually craving Medalla Light, I know I'm in PR.

If I'm stepping into a panadería and find myself buying a dozen quesitos and a cuban sandwich the size of my head, and seriously consider eating them all myself, I know I'm in PR.

If it's 90 degrees and I'm having café con leche, and thinking about asopao for dinner, I know I'm in PR.

If during the ride to the airport I have to hold my breath so I won't cry, I know I'm leaving PR.

How do you know if you're in PR? Or, how do you know you are back home, wherever you're from?


IrishBoricua said...

You forgot el aplauso when the plane lands. Although the custom is dwindling, you can still hear a few claps every now and then.

Jen said...

I hardly ever hear the aplauso anymore! I've thought about doing it myself to see if others will join me, but I don't think I inherited that particular Puerto Rican gene.

Nuyorican Princess said...

oh, I remember the aplauso in 1984 when I landed in NYC...
I remember buying a dulce de coc from a street vendor outside a beach in Guanica...I'm craving PR!

EsLocura said...

you know you are in PR if a 300 pound women is proudly displaying her wares by wearing a shirt 3 times too small and most people don't even care. and you know you are in PR when arroz y habichuelas is a breakfast option.

Olga said...

You know you are in PR as soon as you see the happy faces of your family reflecting how much you have been missed... and how much you are loved....

billy white said...

I love the smell of Puerto Rican air

Anonymous said...

Jenny, me encanta como escribes! Tienes un talento brutallllll....

Me encanto este line:
"If during the ride to the airport I have to hold my breath so I won't cry, I know I'm leaving PR."

Asi me siento yo cada vez que me tengo que ir