Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No autographs, please

In 2004 Dave and I spent a month in Europe, wandering about with too-small duffel bags and very large memory cards in our camera. Two of my pictures from that vacation were chosen for an online travel guide, schmap.com, to accompany blurbs on Barceloneta (a coastal area in Barcelona, not the town in PR!) and the San Siro stadium in Milan. The pictures should appear on the right hand side of the page.

They're not paying me or anything - it's all for the love of travel, photography, and 15 minutes of lukewarm fame.


EsLocura said...

if I happen to bump into you at some plaza while you are visiting the isla, can I ask for your autograph then? : )

Don Luis said...

I hope you take plenty of pictures on your upcoming Puerto Rico trip. If you're near the Coco Tazo in Aguas Buenas, I'll buy you and Dave a Medalla and a short Palo Viejo. Then I hope I can get an autograph.

Jen said...

Eslocura - it's ok in Plaza, because enough people will be around to notice, and then they'll think I'm a big deal ;) Maybe I'll make it to the pages of TV Guía based on just that kind of publicity.

Don Luis, a Medalla and a Palo Viejo absolutely merit an autograph. So, ok, I will give out autographs if there is something in it for me! hehe