Friday, September 28, 2007

A list of things I brought back with me from PR

A stack of books in Spanish

A six pack of Old Colony Uva

Two six-packs of Medalla Light (thanks, Abuelo! It looks like he reads this blog!)

Two bottles of Don Q Cristal

Eight quesitos

Note for next time: bring extra duffel bag so I can re-distribute weight in my suitcase and not go over the weight limit.


Judith said...

Chica, cuando fui a PR a principios de mes tenia una lista de cosas que no podia olvidar de comer/tomar pero se me olvido una uvita Old Colony!

Next time.

I could probably get some in NY but I try to make this a once a year thing (alcapurrias, pastelillos, mofongo, bacalaitos, yum!)

Olga said...

You also took with you cubano sandwiches from Altamira Bakery... ;-) As the cashier always says: "Envuelvelos bien que van a viajar"!