Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Washington Times editorial on statehood for PR

The piece can be found here.

I'm very interested in hearing opinions on this from all sides of the status spectrum. Personally, I feel that regardles of your position, this piece comes across as shockingly misinformed. Even for the Washington Times. (Insert cheeky wink here.)

One of the statements that jumped out at me the most was this line: The only complaint is that Puerto Rico has only a "resident commissioner" in Washington, who, like the representatives of the District of Columbia, Guam or American Samoa, cannot vote in Congress.

Is that truly the only complaint?


Mayra said...

Not only that sentence is wrong, Jen.

"The present arrangement is working... Since nothing is broken in Puerto Rico, there's nothing to fix."

¡Qué aberración! Puerto Rico is definitely broken and laziness and indecision isn't doing much.

Jen said...

That one struck me too, but I didn't want to give away the ending. ;)