Monday, September 24, 2007

The end of the season for the Timbers and Islanders

On Sunday September 23rd, both the Timbers and the Islanders played Atlanta and Seattle, respectively, in the league semifinals. Both teams put up a fierce fight, but ultimately they lost and are out of the running.

I was in PR on the day that the Islanders played against Montreal and won, therefore passing from the quarterfinals to the semifinals. I enjoyed seeing the team get press coverage, as PR is more enamored with beisbol than futbol. I was, unfortunately, not able to make the game. But I did attend the Timbers match against Atlanta and even though we lost, the game was intense and the fans were loud and plentiful. During most previous matches, the only section in the park where people stand and clap and cheer loudly is where the Timbers Army sits, but last night more than half the park stood and clapped along to the chants the Army was singing. It was great to finally feel that people were throwing aside inhibitions (or general laziness) and getting loud and raucous. Sometimes I feel that Portland is a little too laid back, and showing a lot of excitement and exuberance just isn't part of this town's personality. Seeing even soccer moms get up and yell at the referees was pretty cool to watch. And, according to today's Oregonian, "Atlanta coach Jason Smith said the 11,789 spectators that filled the stadium Sunday were so loud that he gave up trying to shout instructions to his players from the sidelines."

The game ended 0-0, and went into extra time. No one scored then, either, so the next step was to go to penalty kicks to force a decision. Our much-loved goalkeeper didn't keep out enough goals, so Atlanta won. Because my old camera (old=3 years old; I shake my fist at you, technology) crapped out on me I couldn't take pictures of my own, so I thought I'd post two pictures taken by a fellow Army member that captured both the euphoria during the game and the dissapointment of the ending. Her pictures were better than anything I could have taken, anyway.

The Timbers Army:

Our goalkeeper, Josh Wicks, after the match:

More of Allison's pictures at

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