Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motivation: Grab it while you can

Dave and I have a Nintendo Wii which I love very very much. Last month we got WiiFit, a game that is meant to get people off the couch and playing exercise-related games. The Wii allows you to make your own avatar, called a Mii. You get to use it as your character on a lot of Wii games, including WiiFit.

So when I fire up the game, it wants to analyze my age, weight, BMI, etc. I stand on the board and let it do its thing. The results show that my BMI is a bit on the high side of normal. That's enough of a bummer, right? Well, it's even more of a bummer when you see your Mii get fat right before your eyes, and the chirpy computer voice says, "That's overweight!"

Which is a tad better than the Japanese version of the game, which just says, "You're fat!"

More than any personal motivation I might have to lose a few pounds -- my appearance, my health -- I feel inexplicably indebted to that Mii. I can't let her gain weight! Because of this, I've dropped 10 pounds. What kind of a person would I be if I just let her let her appearance go?

You might ask what kind of person I actually am if it takes a cartoon to spur me into action. And to that I would reply, "Good question."


Zoo Askew said...

Dude. I might need to get one of those. Or at least invite myself over to create my own Mii. :P When you guys aren't home to see my BMI, of course! ;)

Olga said...

LOL!!! By the way, combine it with yoga and you will see greater results!