Thursday, June 26, 2008

My new favorite word


I learned this word through my daily Doctor Dictionary email. At some point I appear to have told that I'd like to be sent random words and its definitions. And, I mean, not to brag (really, no, don't make me brag, it's so off-putting), but most of the time I already know these words. Every once in a while, however, along comes a Cockaigne to bring me down a notch or two, and amuse me in the process.

Now, in and of itself, it's a great word. Not quite a portmanteau in terms of spelling, but aurally, it kind of gets there. But what makes it truly great is not just how it sounds, but also its definition: "An imaginary land of ease and luxury. "

A life of ease and luxury in Cockaigne, indeed. Never mind Utopia...Cockaigne's where it's at!

The Land of Cockaigne, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1567

And why didn't my Dutch and Flemish Art professor show us this painting in class?

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Zoo Askew said...

I'm LMAO because I got the same email and almost started a nearly identical post about it. You had me at Cockaigne! YOU COMPLETE ME.